KALPAZAN is the collaborative work of Vuk Mitevski and Gökçen Ergene spanning over ten years, developing new work in theater, dance, stop motion animation, film and sound design. Ergene and Mitevski started working together in the US in 2001. Their work has taken many forms and locations since. Kalpazan is currently situated across 3 studios in New York, Istanbul and Skopje. Kalpazan's work is project-based and uses any medium the current project demands.

Svirachinja aka The Orphaneus is a multimedia group working in the fields of performance, video, music and radio. It was formed by five young artists from Skopje , Macedonia .

During the period from early 2006 till September 2009, their show was broadcasted on Kanal 103 radio channel. They had a two hours long show which included performances with live music, narratives and guests. Svirachinja are also known as a performance and music formation. The main element of their concept is improvisation while using various instruments: children toys, traditional Macedonian instruments and classical instruments.

In their works they deal with the current happenings in their city and state. Many of their actions and performance events are understood as reflections on the current social and political turmoil.