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Svetci pokrstuvanje/BAPTIZING


Location-Skopje ,Macedonia

Svetci pokrstuvanje/BAPTIZING
Baptising  cleans one from the evil and dirt of the wordly living. I was nine and my mother a communist by family tradition had decided to baptise us all, all three of us. The priest came to our apartment on the 10th floor. First he lit a dry plant on fire and made few circles around the living room. Sweet smell filled the space, smoke came out of the burning plant. And then I had to step in a plastic bowl filled with water , kneeling to my knees he made the sign of cross over my face. My mother was happy, my older sister hid in her room, my father was painting without paying any attention to us all. The act of baptising cleans you from the evil of the world, I hope it has done the exact thing to me.