About the film

Interview by Richard Lormand

HOW I KILLED A SAINT takes place in early 2001. The main character of Viola returns to Skopje to discover that tension has reached a high point and armed conflict has started between the Macedonian army and the newly organized NLA (Albanian Liberation Army), formerly the UCK.

I originally had the idea for the film when I returned home after living several years in the US. I remember arriving to Skopje airport, waiting at the baggage carousel and being surrounded by young military personnel with expressions just as scared and bewildered as mine. I noticed two men dressed in bright orange. Puzzled by the brilliance of the color, I stared at them. When they walked away, I discovered "Mine Technician" written on their backs. Then the ride to Skopje, gray and gloomy, beautiful mountains surrounding the view. This is what I tried to capture at the beginning of HOW I KILLED A SAINT, when Viola is riding in the car home from the airport.

Writer/Director: Teona Mitevska
Feature:Macedonia/Slovenia/France 2003,Colour 35mm 90'
Shooting date: October 2003, Macedonia, Skopje
Cast: Labina Mitevska, Milan Tocinovski - Sako , Xhefdet Jashari ,Lea Lipsa
Camera:Alain Marcoen
Production Design: Vuk Mitevski and Kiril Spaseski

Costume: Goran Kostovski/Make up: Mojca Gorogranc /Editor: Nicolas Gaster
Rohan Sen
/ Music by: Olivier Samouillan

Production Company:Sisters and Brother Mitevski, Macedonia